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Top 5 Best Coffee Shops on the Upper East Side

Best Coffee Shops on the Upper East Side NYC
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When visiting the beautiful city of NYC, there are so many amazing and delicious places to visit and discover, such as the best coffee shops on the Upper East Side. Coffee is something that so many of us drink daily without giving it a second thought. 

So many of us wake up, go to Starbucks and buy our daily coffee and chocolate chip cookies to start our day. This is especially easy to do when traveling, so many of us want to do what’s familiar, but instead of relying on the typical run-of-the-mill Starbucks, why not expand your palate and try something new. The Upper East Side is amazing for doing just this, especially when it comes to coffee shops.

Located in the Manhatten borough of New York City, the Upper East Side is filled with a variety of cafes that will make your mouth water just thinking about them. Let’s explore all things coffee-related that the Upper East has to offer!

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Best Coffee Shops in the Upper East Side

Birch Coffee – 134 1/2 E 62nd St, New York, NY 10065

coffee and baked goods

If you love the idea of Starbucks, but elevated, Birch Coffee is the place to be. It is a local coffee spot in New York that was founded by theBirch Guys — Paul and Jeremy. Both Paul and Jeremy share a passion for people as well as a love of coffee, so they married the two together to create Birch Coffee. From the start, they always had the intention of creating a business where people came first – and it definitely shows. 


Not only is the coffee great here, but so is the welcoming feeling you get when you walk in. This Upper East Side Coffee shop gives off a quaint, cute cafe vibe.  Though this place is worth visiting just for the coffee alone, it is important to note that it is a fairly small location and is way more suited for a quick pick-me-up latte than to staying there all day to study or do business-related work.

Double the Cafes

Another great thing about Birch Coffee is they have other locations including a nearby spot in the Upper Upper East side located at 171 E 88th St, New York, NY 10128. So if you can’t make it to the main one, then there are other locations you can try out.

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Most Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Cafes

Oslo Coffee Roasters – 422 E 75th St, New York, NY 10021

Now, next on the list is Oslo Coffee Roasters. This coffee shop was started back in 2003 by JD and Kathy Merget. These 2 owners had a mission to provide the neighborhood with the best coffee they possibly could. It was also important to them to make sure that they provided a great work environment for their employees and that they helped their community out by donating to local causes.

Best Coffee Shops on the Upper East Side NYC

Coffee Shop Process

You can definitely see that Oslo Coffee Roasters cares deeply and when it comes to their coffee it’s no different. They make sure that the coffee beans they get come from farmers who use ecologically and socially sustainable practices. This directly translates to the impeccable, high-quality taste of their coffee. 

Just like before, it’s important to note that this location is fairly small and doesn’t quite have seating for doing any work, but for an amazing cup of coffee in the Upper East Side, who needs a seat!

Interesting Coffee Shop Facts

 A quirky fun fact you might enjoy about Oslo Coffee Roasters, some of the coffee bean blends on the menu have names like “Thor, House Blend”, “Odin, Espresso Blend”, or “Freya, Dark Roast”. So if you’re into Norse Mythology or even Marvel Movies, you’re sure to get a chuckle out of these unique coffee bean blend names.

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787 Coffee – 228 E 80th St, New York, NY 10075

Now if you want to try a coffee shop in the city whose business is truly coffee, then 787 Coffee is a must-see. The coffee served at this establishment comes directly from their own coffee beans from their very own farm in Puerto Rico called Hacienda Iluminada.

Coffee Shop Process

Not only do they do the whole coffee process themselves, but they make sure to use sustainable and eco-friendly growing methods, not only to protect and provide high-quality beans but also to protect the planet. 

When they say they love coffee, they mean it!

As with some of the other coffee shops on the list, this spot is small and therefore doesn’t have ample seating, but don’t let that stop you from experiencing this absolutely divine coffee, amazing Puerto Rican baked goods, and extraordinary customer service. You won’t regret it.

Coffee Bean Subscription

If you end up falling in love with their coffee, but can’t make it down to their store all the time, then don’t fret. On the 787 website, they offer a monthly coffee subscription service, so that you can get their coffee beans delivered straight to your door. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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Best Brunch on the Upper East Side

Bluestone Lane – 1085 5th Ave, New York, NY 10128Best Coffee Shops on the Upper East Side NYC Baked Goods

Now if you truly want to have a coffee experience with a view, Bluestone Lane is where it’s at. Bluestone Lane is located at the heart of Museum Mile in the Upper East Side. From this cafe, you can see Central Park and the beautiful Church of the Heavenly Rest. 

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Unlike the previous locations, this place has ample sidewalk seating and would be a great spot to spend time catching up with friends while you share the view. Also if you have a party of 4 or more people, you can make reservations, which can definitely come in handy with this popular cafe destination. 

Coffee Shop Menu

Not only is Bluestone Lane known for their coffee, but its food is just as amazing. Unlike most coffee shops, this location has a full breakfast and lunch menu. For example, they have Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, an all-time classic with a twist. Or if you’re looking for something more on the savory side, then you have to try their oh-so-trendy Avocado toast. Their menu has a wide variety of delicious options that will leave you coming back for more.

Hutch and Waldo – 247 E 81st St, New York, NY 10028

If you’re looking for a whole cafe experience, then Hutch and Waldo is a must-visit for the best coffee shops on the Upper East Side. Drawing inspiration from their home in Australia, this coffee shop gives off open coastal vibes the moment you step through the door. 

Not only do they pay homage to their Australian home, but they also hugely support their community and local businesses. They make sure to acquire products from local producers in their community.

Best Coffee Shops on the Upper East Side NYC Baked Goods

Cafe Menu

Not only do they serve coffee, but they also provide a full breakfast and lunch menu. Making this cafe a one-stop shop if also looking to enjoy a meal with your daily coffee. 

Also, if you have any gluten or dairy dietary restrictions – don’t worry, this place has you covered with an additional gluten-free and dairy-free menu. 

It really doesn’t get any better than this!

Fun Coffee Shop Fact 

Another awesome fact that needs to be mentioned about this place is that they are also dog friendly.  This truly gives Hutch and Waldo bonus points when it comes to the best coffee shops on the Upper East Side.

So if you are out for a stroll with your pup, then no need to worry about not being allowed to bring them inside, because they are definitely welcomed while you enjoy a cup of Joe. Just be ready to become an instant celebrity with everyone wanting to come up to meet your furry friend. 

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Some last words..

Overall, with so many coffee shops to choose from, you can’t go wrong with any place on this list of the best coffee shops in the Upper East Side of NYC. They all have their own unique charm and can, honestly, fulfill a different purpose for you on any given day. 

So, whether you are looking for a quick cup or want to take your time and relax with a view, there is something for everyone. Let this list be the start of your coffee adventures, and who knows, maybe next time we’ll cover the best coffee shops in a different New York City borough.

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I may collect a small commission from the links on this page if you decide to book a stay, it helps me keep the blog up :) Listed prices are accurate as of time of publication.

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