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Plan a Romantic Getaway in Puerto Rico | Hotels & Activities

couple hugging on the beach with rocks on the sand on the right side and the sea on the background banner

Need ideas for a Romantic getaway in Puerto Rico? If you’ve only ever been to Old San Juan and the most touristy areas around the island, you’ve probably come across crowded beaches, noisy restaurants, and overbooked hotels. But I promise there’s a whole other side of Puerto Rico you haven’t discovered yet.

As a traveler who loves exploring off-the-beaten-path treasures in every location, I have a few suggestions for less touristy regions of the island that are perfect for a couple’s trip – not to mention that the beauty of these places will leave you STUNNED.

Whether your idea of a romantic escape involves surfing the waves together, taking scenic hikes through the forest, or relaxing in intimate boutique hotels, Puerto Rico offers a plethora of opportunities for unforgettable moments of love and connection. 

Most Romantic Hotels and Activities in Puerto Rico for Couples

Let love and passion blossom in these romantic hideaways where it can be just you and your favorite person away from the bustling crowds.

a couple lying on the sand of a beach in puerto ricoRio Grande

Why you should go: Rio Grande is where you want to go if you like a little bit of everything, from moments of relaxation and luxury to rejuvenating escapes in the middle of nature.

Nestled between the Caribbean Sea and El Yunque National Forest, Rio Grande offers a prime location on the island for couples seeking eclectic and adventurous outdoor activities. The region is primarily known for its upscale beachfront resorts where you can pamper yourself and your significant other with spa treatments, fine dining, and long walks on quiet beaches.

But beyond these indulgent pleasures, you’ll also find a paradise of lush landscapes for couples to venture into the wonders of the forest together, as you explore tropical greenery, beautiful waterfalls, and exotic wildlife.

a couple hugging in the natural pool of a forest and luquillo beach rio grande puerto ricoBest Things to Do in Rio Grande for Couples

One of the best experiences to have during your romantic getaway in Puerto Rico is to take a half-day tour of El Yunque with your loved one. Enjoy the serenity of the forest together as you hike through lush vegetation, bathe in the magical waterfalls, and encounter different animal species along the way.

For daring couples, a ziplining adventure over El Yunque will provide unmatched panoramic views as you fly above the dense canopy and mountains – this is a great activity for a unique date!

To ensure you have the best visit, check out my Essential Guide to El Yunque Rainforest!

When spending time by the sea, couples can enjoy the best of Rio Grande’s nearby beaches, like Coco Beach and Playa Los Machos. Take in the best views from the sea on a jet ski tour along the East Coast or take a horse ride on Luquillo Beach, known for its stunning beauty and swaying palm trees. 

If you get hungry, check out Kioscos de Luquillo, a long line of waterfront eateries where you can taste the best of Puerto Rican cuisine together – for tasty seafood, traditional dishes, and great views, try La Parrilla and A Fuego Bar & Restaurant.

Looking for something more upscale? Located in the outstanding Grand Rio Mar Puerto Rico Golf & Beach Resort, Marbella Restaurant will provide the perfect ambiance and fine gourmet menu for a romantic evening.

Have one more day to spare? Imagine just you and your pookie sailing the East Coast on this all-inclusive, private boat tour where you explore paradisiac islands, relax on white, dusty sands, and snorkel on the crystal-clear waters of Cayo Icacos’ reef. All snorkeling gear, drinks, and appetizers are included in the price of the tour – you even get to play your own music on the boat, what a treat!

Additional Experiences:

Where to Stay

a couple walking on the beach holding a surf board with the sunset in rincon puerto ricoRincón

Why you should go: Rincón is the number one destination to relax and escape from routine due to its slow pace of life and bohemian vibe. It’s popular among surfers who go to enjoy the consistent waves.

Located on the west side of the island, Rincón is a secluded paradise for couples looking to slow down and reconnect with each other away from the bustling crowds.

Rincón is a leisure town with a laid-back atmosphere, known for being a hub for surfers and beach lovers. However, you’ll also find many opportunities for adventure and exciting dates. 

Best Things to Do in Rincón for Couples

Rincon’s quiet beaches are perfect for enjoying intimate moments with your lover or going on slow morning walks on the soft sand. Check out Domes Beach and Sandy Beach for beautiful sunsets and ride the best waves on a beginner surf lesson.

If surfing is not your thing but you still want to explore the Caribbean Sea, you can go snorkeling to admire the fascinating marine life and coral reefs. 

decorative tropical flowers romantic getaway in puerto ricoAfter your time by the sea, it’s time to explore the rest of this lovely town, and a great way to do it is on a Puerto Rico’s West Coast tour that shows you all the best spots of Rincon and other nearby areas, including the Pozo de Jacinto sinkhole, the Guajataca tunnel, and El Faro de Punta Higüera Lighthouse. Along the way, you’ll come across stunning and unique photo spots so you can show off your romantic getaway in Puerto Rico on your Instagram feed.

For a fun evening, head to Rincón Art Walk, an event taking place at the Rincon Plaza every Thursday.  The streets fill with locals and visitors, becoming a great place to hang out outdoors. Here you’ll find local artisans selling all kinds of things like handmade crafts, jewelry, and crochet items. Look for a spot to sit and enjoy live music among the friendly crowds. 

When you get hungry, grab a bite at Rincón Beer Company don’t miss their Tostones and fresh pints!

Missing the water already? Finish the day off with this night diving excursion. Experience underwater creatures in a unique way with ultraviolet lights and filters that make reefs and fish glow in the dark with vibrant colors. You’re also likely to spot other animals like sea turtles, starfish, and octopus.

Where to Stay

photos of the coast in culebra island puerto ricoCulebra Island

Why you should go: If you’re looking for the perfect backdrop for photos or a special place for proposing, you can’t go wrong with Culebra Island.

Culebra is one of those places you would think only exist in movies. This small island on the East Coast of Puerto Rico is known for its stunning natural beauty and romantic landscapes, including dramatic cliffs, lush green hillsides, and breathtaking sunsets.

Culebra sets the perfect scene for lovers seeking to share moments of intimacy and relaxation in the island’s tranquil atmosphere while also having plenty of opportunities to explore and connect with nature through exciting activities.

Best Things to Do in Culebra Island for Couples

Start your romantic getaway in Puerto Rico early in the morning with a short hike to Culebrita Lighthouse and fall in love with these beautiful ruins dating back to the late 1800s, where you can enjoy the peaceful scenery and panoramic ocean views with your beloved. There’s also a small but picturesque museum called El Polvorin, with archeological artifacts and exhibits offering insights into the town’s history.

Your next stop will be Flamenco Beach, a crescent-shaped stretch of soft, white sand and turquoise water embraced by swaying palm trees and lush hills – no wonder it’s been renowned as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Here couples can spend a peaceful time together as they walk along the coast finding the graffiti-covered, military tanks standing on the sand – don’t leave without taking a creative selfie! 

Additionally, I suggest going to the nearby Tamarindo Beach, where you can snorkel with turtles and fish in their clear and calm waters.

Looking for the best seafood and local cuisine? Try these places:

If you’re an active couple and can’t stay still in one place –the nature of a traveler, *wink*–, I highly recommend this half-day private sailing tour. Enjoy exploring Culebra’s hidden gems and secluded beaches, where you can snorkel among marine life and coral reefs. A stunning boat just for two with snacks, drinks, and music aboard.

Additional Experiences:

Where to Stay

Combine these romantic activities with a full 5-day itinerary in San Juan, PR.

Love partying? Discover the best of San Juan’s nightlife.

Looking for some extra fun? Try these popular festivals in Puerto Rico.

the stone bridge and a woman swimming in cabo rojo puerto ricoCabo Rojo

Why you should go: Cabo Rojo offers moments of intimacy as well as opportunities for adventure with a combination of captivating sceneries and a peaceful setting.

Besides calm, paradisiac beaches, you’ll find diverse landscapes including mangrove forests, salt flats, and limestone cliffs. 

Whether you and your sweetheart enjoy hiking, swimming, sipping cocktails by the beach, or visiting historical sites and stunning lookout points, Cabo Rojo’s charm will elevate every experience of your romantic getaway in Puerto Rico.

Best Things to Do in Cabo Rojo for Couples

Cabo Rojo is home to secluded beaches like La Playita and Playa Ostiones, where you can enjoy quality time with your partner away from the crowds and steal kisses under the warmth of the Caribbean sun. You can even bring some snacks and make it a romantic picnic date by the sea.

Alternatively, get a taste of Puerto Rico’s delightful cuisine in a West Side food tour. Venture together into a journey of flavor and culture as you sample delicious food from local eateries in Cabo Rojo and learn from your guide about the island’s history.

Another local gem worth visiting is the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge, a subtropical dry forest where couples can enjoy a peaceful setting full of vegetation and animal species. You can spend the day birdwatching, hiking, riding a bike, or relaxing on Playa Sucia. This stunning beach is renowned for its soft white sands, clear turquoise waters, and dramatic limestone cliffs framing the coastline.

A short hike from the refuge will lead you to two romantic locations: Faro Los Morrillos, a lovely lighthouse standing atop a seaside cliff area; and the iconic Puente de Piedra (‘stone bridge’) – a couple photo sesh in this magical spot is a MUST.

Finally, immerse in Cabo Rojo’s vibrant culture and history by spending an afternoon at the picturesque town center. Here you can photograph colonial architecture, shop at a local farmers’ market, and visit landmarks such as the Church of San Miguel Arcángel and Plaza Ramon Emeterio Betances.

Looking for something to do at night? Take a combo tour of Cabo Rojo that includes kayaking on Praguera’s Bioluminescent Bay.

Where to Stay

Vieques Islandphotos of the beach in vieques island puerto rico

Why you should go: Vieques is a great option if you’re looking for a luxurious romantic getaway in Puerto Rico or an idyllic honeymoon destination.

This enchanting island stands out for its unspoiled natural beauty, pristine beaches, and deluxe accommodations including boutique hotels, beachfront villas, and cozy bed and breakfasts.

Vieques is also known for being home to Mosquito Bay, the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world where couples can enjoy a magical experience under the night sky.

Best Things to Do in Vieques for Couples

Venture into the breathtaking landscapes of Vieques, exploring the island by hiking, horseriding, swimming, and snorkeling. There are also unique, secluded beaches like Playa Negraalso known as Black Sand Beach– and Navio Beach with cliffs and a hidden cave. 

Another fantastic option is to go on a private island-hopping sailing tour– just you and your loved one sailing the turquoise waters from island to island, taking in the romantic sights and breathing the fresh salty air.

Take a break from the waves and pay a visit to Crab Island Rum Distillery. Here, you’ll find a lovely outdoor area to sit as you enjoy an eclectic selection of rum, food trucks selling traditional dishes, and live music to complement the friendly atmosphere.

Later in the day, go for a romantic stroll hand in hand along El Malecon La Esperanza, a beautiful promenade to catch the pink and orange hues of sunset reflecting on the sea.

In the evening, don’t miss the mesmerizing beauty of a bioluminescent kayak on Mosquito Bay. This guided tour offers the unforgettable experience of seeing the millions of tiny organisms in the water glow beneath you, creating an enchanting scene for lovers.

Where to Stay

a couple sitting on a boat with a mountain behind and a coupe walking towards the seaLa Parguera

Why you should go: for couples that love going out together, you’ll find plenty of water activities, picturesque bars, and a vibrant nightlife.

La Parguera is a romantic haven on Puerto Rico’s southwest coast that couples an enchanting escape and an ideal day trip destination during a romantic getaway in Puerto Rico due to its close proximity to Cabo Rojo.

La Parguera offers captivating landscapes with pristine beaches, exciting water activities, and vibrant nightlife – so you’ll find plenty of opportunities for fun as well as for intimacy and relaxation.

Best Things to Do in La Parguera for Couples

Allow romance to bloom under the warm Caribbean sun as you visit the beaches of Playa Rosada, with its pink-hued sand, and Cayo Enrique, a secluded island paradise only accessible by boat. Observe the fiery sunset, have a romantic picnic, go for a swim, or hop on a Chiliboats guided tour.

And what about a date in the middle of the sea? Take a private boat tour with your partner and have the best time island hopping, snorkeling around the reefs, and indulging in delicious food aboard.

For a romantic dinner with a quiet ambiance, I recommend Moon’s Bar and Tapas for delicious tapas, fish, and outstanding mojitos in the outdoor seating area. La Parguera Rooftop is another excellent option for a date with nice views.

To enjoy Puerto Rico’s nightlife, head to El Malecón. Here’s where you’ll see the action happening on the weekends with music, food vendors, and artisan shops – the outgoing couples will have a blast dancing under the starlit sky and befriending the locals.

Additional Experiences:

Where to Stay

the indian face monument in isabela and gozalandia waterfall in puerto ricoIsabela

Why you should go: Great for adventure-seeking couples, apart from incredibly romantic landscapes, Isabela has plenty of places to explore and a fascinating history to learn from.

Isabela boasts captivating beauty, history, secluded beaches, and world-class surfing spots. It’s perfect for couples who love exploring different towns and natural wonders together.

Whether you’re in for the quiet beaches, underground caves, historical sites, or romantic resorts in the middle of nature, Isabela’s charm and laid-back atmosphere will make your romantic getaway in Puerto Rico unforgettable.

Best Things to Do in Isabela for Couples

Venture into a scenic horseback ride along the coast and through the tropical forests. Guided by knowledgeable and adventurous locals, discover interesting locations off the beaten path as you enjoy the fresh air on your face and the views of the sunset – you don’t need any previous experience for this tour!

If you want to spend the day visiting popular landmarks and hidden gems, this West Puerto Rico Tour won’t disappoint. Not only will you see the best of Isabela, but also the best of the western coast of the island.

Make sure to see Monumento al Cacique Mabodamaca, also known as the Indian Face. This is a giant sculpture carved in the stone of a mountain found at the intersection of Road 2 with Road 113 Noel Estrada Avenue, marking the entrance to Porta del Sol, the west coast region of Puerto Rico.  It’s a must to stop and take a cool picture here, you can also grab an empanada from the stand on the other side of the road.

Another beautiful spot for pictures is the remains of the historical church San Antonio de La Tuna Hermitage built in the 1730s by the first Europeans to arrive in the area of present-day Isabela.

For the ultimate romantic excursion, take a day trip to Arenales and explore the hidden Arenales Caves. With a small group, you’ll be hiking through rivers, climbing rocks, and swimming in underground caves and natural pools – book a tour with transport and gear included here.

If you’re able to take a longer trip, take a private tour of Gozalandia Waterfalls. This is an incredibly romantic spot that offers marvelous views of the mountains and the coast. It’s an ideal location to enjoy an intimate moment together in the tranquility of nature, as you swim and take romantic photos in this beautiful waterfall.

Finally, go to the town center where there’s always something fun going on. Every night, there’s a different event involving salsa dancing, music, artisans selling crafts, and kiosks selling typical Puerto Rican dishes.

Where to Stay

Last Thoughts

Going on a trip with your significant other is a great way of bonding and strengthening your relationship. And by doing unique activities together, you’re sharing moments of joy and laughter that will stay with both of you for life.

I hope you found the perfect location for your romantic getaway in Puerto Rico.



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