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The 10 Best Things to Do in New Orleans for Halloween 2024

The 10 Best Things to Do in New Orleans for Halloween Tattednomad blog banner

With New Orleans being one of the most haunted places in the US all year round, you may be wondering about the best things to do in New Orleans for Halloween – but are you ready for them?

Make your Halloween 2022 EPIC!

Are you looking for a way to make your Halloween extra special and epic this 2024? You’ll be needing to book a flight ASAP to New Orleans, I promise. Let me give you all the deets so you can live out your best Halloween fantasy yet in New Orleans while experiencing the most horrific (in a good way) events, haunted places, and learning about the rich culture and history of the French Quarter. 

10 Best Things to Do in New Orleans for Halloween Night

New Orleans is most definitely the place you want to add to your bucket list to be for Halloween if you love going to parades, want to experience a zombie apocalypse run, immerse yourself in cultural history, explore haunted houses, and feel totally spooked out on a halloween weekend. Next to the standard places on bourbon street or frenchmen street, you will want to keep also all the special events in mind during spooky season. Here are my top 10 best things to do in New Orleans for Halloween season:

1. Krewe of Boo

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This is New Orleans’ official halloween parade ever since 2007. It’s similar to mardi gras in the sense that beads and other items are thrown from above for the people on the street to catch. Krewe of Book starts at 6:30 PM on Elysian Fields in the Marigny, continues into the Warehouse District and ends at Andrew Higgins Drive. 

The breve of boo parade consists of floats from Kern studios, and involves both a mixture of sculpture and props that oozes freaky vibes. You will find all kinds of local artists, spooky things, elaborate costumes, and even  3-D fiberglass halloween creatures

If you’re someone with kids, this event is certainly one that you must attend as it’s very family friendly – not to mention, you’re encouraged to dress up in your best Halloween gear!

2. New Orleans Zombie Scavenger Run

This 2-mile zombie scavenger run throughout the Arts/Warehouse District, starts at 9am and is presented by Krewe of Boo, the same crew that puts on the halloween parade you read about earlier above. 

Don’t freak out if you can’t run. This zombie scavenger run can also be a walk or crawl – or as your knees deem fit. Gather up your zombie make-up, masks, biohazard suit if you have one or costume for this run which is packed with zombies left, right, and center.

Can’t get enough of Halloween-themed attractions? Here’s another list of thrilling Halloween events and festivals to experience in New Orleans this year.

3. 2023 Haunted Pub Crawl

This is considered one of the most historically accurate ghost tours among bars and restaurants that are haunted, including the Lalaurie Mansion – yep, you may know her from American Horror Story?! 

There are numerous different companies which offer this haunted pub crawl so be sure to check out a few and see which one is right for you based on the starting times and what not. It typically lasts around 2 hours so make sure you wear your comfy shoes for this one. Expect to pay somewhere between $25-30 for this pub crawl. 

Enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverage of choice while you listen to French Quarter murder stories which have been passed down through many generations – experience what really happend back then. 

Note: This is an activity where you may want to leave the kids with a babysitter while you and your friend/partner/travel buddy get wasted while listening to true spooky stories that are sure to make the hairs on your arm stand tall. Definitely once of the best things to do in New Orleans for Halloween – get tickets here!

4. Voodoo Queen Tour of the French Quarter

Voodoo Queen tour of New Orleans NOLA Blog graphic tattednomadIn this walking tour, you get the chance to learn about Marie Laveau and voodoo culture. Marie Laveau was considered the voodoo queen of New Orleans and had a lot of mystery around her. She was a hairdresser by day to wealthy women and by night, people sought the counsel of her potions.

You’ll visit the house Marie grew up in and learn about Code Noir (The Black Code) which was a decree issued by French King Louis XIV that held guidelines for slavery. 

5. Creole Death and Mourning Tour

Mourning rituals were a huge part of 19th century lifestyle and it was their way of paying homage and remembering their deceased loved ones. 

Here’s where you can find the tours:

  • Hermann-Grimma house
  • Gallier House
  • St. Joseph Plantation

Get tickets here!

6. New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum 

If you haven’t had enough of Ms. Marie Laveau’s story, then this museum is for you! It’s all about the New Orleans history of Voodoo – how it was brought and how it was practiced. 

This museum is open 7 days a week and has been educating and entertaining the community since 1972. Paintings, sculptures, voodoo relics and other artifacts which occupy the museum make it an absolute must-see when you’re in New Orleans this Halloween! 

One unique aspect of the museum is that it connects people with practitioners that are in need of services such as psychic readings, consults, rituals, ceremonies and many more – get tickets here!

7. Ghost in the Oaks 

This family-friendly event occurs inside City Park, a 1300-acre public park located in New Orleans. They have various activities for kids, including: 

  • Face painting 
  • Crafting
  • Trick or treating 
  • Pumpkin patch

Note: Children under 3 years get in for free so keep that in mind if you have any younger ones. 

Want to have also some New Orleans sightseeing, especially the hidden gems? Make sure to check out this guide!

8. New Orleans Cemetery Tour

If you’re in New Orleans, taking a cemetery tour is a must as they house some of the most historical figures in Louisiana’s history. If you do visit, please be sure to follow their guidelines during visitation since it’s important that they preserve this architectural site. 

Note: You can visit Ms. Marie Laveau’s grave there, among others. Make sure to add this to your itinerary, so you won’t miss out! Keep taking pictures – who knows who you may meet?

There’s multiple tours offered – check here to get tickets before they sell out!

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9. Sleep in a Haunted Hotel – Hotel Monteleone

Staying overnight in a haunted hotel like Hotel Monteleone is one way of getting the full Halloween experience while in New Orleans. There’s lots of paranormal activity, such as a little boy that’s supposedly passed away in this hotel while his parents were away at the opera and his nanny was babysitting him – some even say that the nanny killed him. There’s a legend that says the little boy still plays around the 14th floor so if you do stay at the hotel and don’t want to be too spooked out, stay on another floor instead. 

Tip: Make sure to take plenty of pictures while you’re there, you never know what you may capture on the lens. 

Check what the TripAdvisor reviews say and see for yourself if you dare!

10. Voodoo Shop

After learning about voodoo culture and voodoo authentica in the museum and tours, don’t forget to get yourself an amulet or keepsake to take home with you! 

Stop by a local voodoo shop in New Orleans and choose from a plethora of items, including:

  • Locally handmade voodoo dolls
  • Candles
  • Charms
  • Gris gris bag
  • Amulets

Halloween houses NOLA travel blog graphic

Tip: If you enjoy these kinds of museums, consider checking out the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum as well! 

Halloween Haunted Houses in New Orleans 

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a true haunted house experience now, would it? After all, New Orleans is known as the most haunted city in the entire United States. There’s so many of them to see but here below – you will find my Top 3. Whether you’re looking for an interactive experience with actors or just want to walk around and explore with your friends, there is something to do for everyone. Check them out this Halloween in New Orleans!

The Mortuary 

On 4800 Canal Street, there is a haunted house that is genuinely haunted. At least, this is what the majority of people think it to be. Actually, it was a former funeral home that Irish immigrants had constructed in 1872. This haunted house is intriguing since it has been on television ghost hunting programs – what a cool thing!

New Orleans Nightmare

The Discovery Channel named this haunted house as one of the top 13 haunted houses in America. Children under the age of 12 are advised to stay away from

this haunted home as it may be too much for them to process, with escape rooms, mazes, themed rooms, and much more to see and experience.

RISE Haunted House

This is one of the best ways halloween enthusiasts will get a spooky good time! If you don’t mind being touched by actors, then this is the right haunted house experience for you. The Asylum is an interactive experience which only allows a limited number of people so it’s best to schedule this ahead of time to ensure that you get a chance to see it. If you like haunted hayrides, then this haunted home is sure to raise your heart rate just a little bit higher.

Want something just as historic but actually haunted? Check out this NOLA Haunted Apothecary museum!

Final Thoughts

With that said, whether you’re trying to explore somewhere new for Halloween solo or take the kids along, New Orleans is the perfect venue for a spooktacular Halloween. With kid-friendly activities, parades, haunted houses, and tours throughout historic places, I can guarantee it will be one of your favorite Halloween spots in no time. 

Try to soak up as much of the cultural history as you can and venture to New Orleans with a completely open mind. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of haunted tales returning home with you. 



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