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Hyatt Resort As Best Of all Pet Friendly Hotels In Key West

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I may collect a small commission from the links on this page if you decide to book a stay, it helps me keep the blog up :) Listed prices are accurate as of time of publication.

WOW – was the first thing that came to mind as I approached the reception area of this Hyatt Resort, which will undoubtedly become your favorite of all pet friendly hotels in Key West. As this was my first major trip with my Traveldoggo & service dog in training Novah, I wanted to make sure I chose a pet-friendly hotel, despite the fact that he is a service dog in training. After all, because he’s a puppy, he can still act like a puppy at times (duh), so I wanted to make sure I had an understanding staff – and, of course, it was absolutely incredible in every way.

If you own a dog (or puppy), you’re familiar with the ongoing worry about how your pet will behave in a particular situation. Will there be any potty accidents? Are they going to pounce on individuals due to excitement? Will the staff be annoyed and potentially rude? Is there enough space on the property for you to take your pet for a potty break?

If not, well those were definitely my worries, especially on our first big trip somewhere.

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Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa Changes The Game As For Hotels That Allow Dogs In Key West

Champagne when checking in Hyatt centric resort and spa key west dog friendly hotels key west

Traveling is stressful, even more so if you’re going on your first trip with your dog and have to worry about a place to stay.

When traveling with your dog, there are so many things that you have to keep in mind and think of, however, a hotel shouldn’t be one of them – after all, you’d expect the same customer service towards you as your dog. Finding a pet friendly hotel in Key West can be nerve wrecking, however, not anymore – you found the right one here.

The first thing that you will see as you walk through the big doors is the gorgeous parrot on the premises – careful tho, he will bite if you put your fingers through it! The next thing is being greeted with champagne as you’re checking into your room. As you walk past the entrance into the property you will also see two smaller fountains with turtles inside – talk about pet friendly!

In my opinion, the Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa changes the game for many hotels, as it not only excessively accommodates you, but also your pup, so you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. 



Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa The Best Among All Pet Friendly Hotels Key West

Let’s get to the juicy stuff: why is Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa the best pet-friendly hotel in Key West? Obviously, this is based on my own opinion and experience, but as an incredibly anxious person (hello, service dog Novah), I will have likely overthought everything before going this trip, which may make your life simpler because you won’t have to spend sleepless nights overanalyzing everything that could go wrong. 🙂

The Staff At Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa

I have to say, the staff was outstanding and accommodating in almost every single possible way you can imagine. Just when arriving, they saw me struggling with my Traveldoggo and hurried to help get things settled for the check-in. As I explained before, I was greeted with champagne as I was checking in and got the opportunity to upgrade my room – which we both very much enjoyed. 

As I waddled my way to my room behind the agent with Novah and the suitcase, I was amazed by the property. Despite this being a dog friendly hotel, they were extremely clean (which you’d expect at a resort, but the fear is still there for me). The pool deck had other dogs relaxing in the sun just living their best lives as their owners were enjoying a tan.

Slurp A Cocktail By The Pool Or Beach At This Dog Friendly Bar

dog friendly bar pet friendly hotels key west

Taken by The Tatted Nomad

After settling in with Novah, we went back down to look at the property a bit closer and also decide on what we wanted to do next. Luckily, my room on the ocean side, so I had two ways to get downstairs – either using the stairs and coming out directly by the beach, or taking the elevator and getting out by the pool.

Can you imagine this? As I stepped out of the elevator down by the pool, I instantly got this slightly salty ocean air hitting me. You know, this fresh salty breeze that makes you want to breath it in deeply and almost never let go? Yep, exactly what happened. 

What’s better than a pet friendly hotel in Key West? One that has an amazing on property beach bar!

Directly by the pool, Novah and I settled on the bar tops as I ordered an icy cocktail to get in the right mood for the vacation – immediately, the bartender asked if I wanted to also have some water for my dog. Of course, I was extremely grateful for how caring he was, however, with my paranoid butt, I carry a portable water bowl with me everywhere, as I’m afraid that he may get sick from another dog (hello anxiety).

Me being also anxious about confrontations, I politely asked about him filling my bowl and he was super understanding about it and filled it right away. This dog friendly hotel in Key West has checked every single mark for both me and my dog.

Enjoy A Luxurious Stay In One Of Their Rooms

Whenever I travel, I usually try to ask for an upgrade when I arrive, and it has always paid off. I got to appreciate the panoramic view of the ocean, with a furnished balcony, a spacious king-size room, and the minimalistic clean aesthetic set in light tones, after upgrading from an ocean side-view to an ocean view.

The balcony had glass sliding doors, connecting the room with the outside, opening a way to get a fresh ocean breeze whenever your heart would desire it.

In the mornings, Novah would roll over in his bed and as soon as he noticed I was awake come in bed to cuddle and snooze room view pet friendly hotels in key west blog graphic a little while longer. The sheets of this resort are specifically designed and made for Hyatt, so you get the feeling of luxurious material on your skin the moment you close your eyes and the moment you wake up.

If you don’t have such a luxurious satin sleep set, then you’re missing out – you’ll wake up feeling like a goddess. Not sure what else to pick? Check my ultimate travel necessities list!

Both, the rooms and balcony are spacious enough for your pup and you, making it easier to relax and actually enjoy your trip. Take your pups bed with you, so they get to have something familiar with them in case you decide to leave them alone – if your baby is sleeping with you, the bed is big and comfortable for both of you.

Check out Novah’s elevated bed to ensure he stays cool at night, even in hot places like South Florida. It’s Novah approved 🙂

No matter the type of room you take, the staff and the resort are going to ensure that you will feel the need to come back as soon as you step out after check out – incl. your pup!

While the Hyatt Centric Key Resort & Spa is not a cheap pet friendly hotel in key west, the luxury you get by staying at this resort is out of this world. Wake up refreshed in one of their rooms and enjoy breakfast in bed or on the furnished private balconies – or on the patio of their on property SHORE hotel.

Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa Provides A New Level Of Luxury And Convenience

ink drop tatted nomadClose by, next to the pool was SHOR American Seafood Grill restaurant, where you can enjoy a taste of the Gulf seafood for breakfast, lunch, or dinner either on their patio overlooking the ocean or directly on the deck by the water.

Novah and I picked a table by the corner, where he’d have enough space to stretch out without me having to fear someone stepping on him. We had breakfast there and enjoyed eggs with breakfast potatoes and some oat meal, while Novah slurped his water while facing the ocean.

Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa has also an amazing location, making it perfect to walk literally everywhere in the old town and the historic parts of the island.

Having an on-property restaurant and a great location was one of my major deciding factors to pick a dog friendly hotel in Key West.

An Ideal Basecamp For Any Adventures – Including Nearby Dog Friendly Restaurants

This resort is located on the edge of Key West, which makes it ideal to both explore the island but also to refresh yourself by the beach. Within just 10-15 minutes walking, you will quickly find yourself in the centre of Key West namely Duval street. It’s the street that goes through the entire bottom part of the island, so you won’t get lost.

With that, the location makes this resort literally one of the best dog friendly hotels in Key West.

There you will find many things to do, including the haunted Shipwreck Museum of Key West, the Aquarium, and Mallory Square (all dog friendly!) – but most importantly, also dog friendly Key West restaurants.

Dog friendly restaurants key west and dog friendly activities key west dog friendly hotels key west

Here’s some options that you HAVE to check out with your pup:

Moondog Cafe

This relaxing cottage like coffee shop is not only dog friendly, but even has dog in its name (loved that part). It’s a coffee shop that offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks, making it perfect at any time of the day.

After Deck Bar At Louie’s

This easy going restaurant is exactly what it sounds like, it surprises with an open ambience and a view of the ocean – dog friendly of course.

Blue Haven

This is one of the places in Key West that you MUST eat at. It is dog-friendly and provides a relaxed yet romantic atmosphere, making you and your pet feel welcome. The selection is broad, and the fresh seafood will make your mouth start to water.

Want a full list on ALL restaurants in Key West that are dog friendly? Look no further, I did the work – go enjoy yourself.

Visit This Key West Dog Friendly Beachscrapbooking ink flower blog travel

Do you know what’s the best feeling in the wold after a long day in the heat and long walks? Dipping your toes into the warm ocean water and feel the san squeezing its way in between your toes. As soon as we got into the water, I felt a burst of dopamine  inside, which keeps you energized even if you’ve spent the entire day on your feet. You know that feeling when you feel as if you’ve just downed an energy drink and a cup of coffee at the same time? Exactly this.

This little private dog beach is right outside your door, making it ideal for spending time with your dog. It only takes a few steps out of the resort and out of their parking lot to see it. Turn right and it will be right in front of you.

Imagine this scenario: a long day out in town, you and your pup are tired but decide to spend some unforgettable moments in the warm ocean water watching the Key West sunset.

What a better way to start the vacation than soaking in a majestic view in the water?

The nicest thing was that because we traveled in April, the weather was still not too hot, making it simpler for Novah and me to enjoy our time there. Even better, though it’s not too hot yet, the water is warm enough for you to enjoy it, without catching a cold.

The Perfect Dog Friendly Hotel In Key West That Captures Relaxation And Adventure In One

Taken by The Tatted Nomad

No matter whether you decide to spend relaxation with wine and dine with your pup or you’d rather go out and explore the old town of Key West, the Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa will basically read any wish off of your lips and make it come true.

Next to a beautiful and spacious property, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds with your pup and be within the centre of everything but also far enough away to relax and recharge. Due to the spacious design of the property, which was fully booked on the Mother’s Day weekend I went, I barely had noticed that it was fully booked with guests and their pups (all well-behind!).

This made the experience the best as whenever we’d walk the property, it didn’t feel like the typical tourist magnet with a crowd, but rather a luxurious restaurant offering to recharge.

As you’re walking the property, you will find many different areas to relax, including also a spa near the pool that offers several different services for you (unfortunately not your pup though, ha.)

The on-property water-front SHORE American Seafood restaurant that’s dog friendly and even accomodates you with enough space, offers a menu as well as options to customize your meal. The menu offers a fusion between seafood, American style food, and home-made foods.

Let’s talk things to keep in mind when choosing this or any other dog friendly hotel:

Keep The Size And Price In Mind When Choosing a Pet Friendly Hotel In Key West

One of the most important factors (and one of my worries) to consider is the size and weight of your beloved pet – some hotels, such as the Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa, have weight restrictions and extra deposits. The Hyatt Centric Hotel allows dogs up to 50 pounds, and if you’re going with two dogs, they shouldn’t weigh more than 75 pounds combined.

Another significant consideration is the cost – if your dog is not a service dog, it will cost an additional $150 for up to 6 nights, but $300 if you stay for more than 7 nights.

While the deposit is a tad bit high for the average dog friendly hotel in the US, it’s the average for dog friendly hotels in Key West – so, keep that in mind.

If you’re unsure about your breed or size, give them a call before making a reservation and they’ll be happy to assist you.

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Flower ink scrap book blog image graphicRules For This Beach House Pet Resort

Pets frequently carry more liability and work for hotels, which is something to keep in mind if you want to bring your best friend on a trip with you. As a thank you for allowing your dog to accompany you on your trip, you must follow the resort’s rules. When visiting the Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa, there are only a few rules to follow:

1. Don’t leave your pet alone in their room if you don’t want to be charged a fee. However, I believe you can get a pet waiver that allows you to leave your pet alone in your room. Just keep in mind, if they make a mess or are destructive, that you may be charged additional fees for it.

2. Don’t bring your pet into the pool with you – sadly, you can’t bring your dog into the pool with you. This is something I hadn’t considered (don’t judge), but the staff was quite helpful and respectful when informing me of it. More importantly, the amount of chlorine can irritate your dog’s skin, resulting in further liability for the hotel.

3. Don’t bring your dog to the resort’s beach – I know, why book a beachfront hotel room if you can’t bring your dog? However, there is a dog-friendly (sand!) beach right outside the hotel (literally 2 minutes from the door). The beach at the Hyatt Centric is likewise without sand but is littered with stones, putting you and your dog at risk of injury – a liability for them and a danger for you.

Rules are normally frowned upon, but in this case, the Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa has put them in place to protect themselves, as well as you and your dog. After all, they don’t want either of you to get hurt.ink drop tattoo blog graphic

Some last thoughts…

As I write this with a heavy heart, all I want to do is return to the Hyatt Centric Resort and wake up to that fresh ocean breeze while curling up with my pup to snooze a little longer while listening to the waves. This Hyatt Resort has won my heart as the best dog friendly hotel in key west – hands down.



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I may collect a small commission from the links on this page if you decide to book a stay, it helps me keep the blog up :) Listed prices are accurate as of time of publication.

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