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Discover Hobbitenango: Why You Should Visit This Lord Of The Rings Theme Park

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Have you ever heard of this lovely Lord of The Rings theme park in the mountains? Hobbitenango is an eco-park in Antigua, Guatemala’s outskirts, inspired by The Hobbit movie set in New Zealand – Hobbiton. But, what can we expect from this park? Is it worth going? This is a must for every Lord of the Rings Fan!

Sometimes, when we plan our trip to a new destination, we can limit ourselves to visiting only touristy places that are nearby or the most popular attractions to ensure an enjoyable trip. But by doing that, we forget about exploring and trying different things we’ve never done before, such as the famous Hobbitenango hand!

You never know where you can find your next favorite hidden spot in the world! That’s why I’ll be sharing my experience in the extraordinary Hobbitenango during my trip to Antigua, Guatemala. Hopefully, this guide will make you fall in love with it as much as I did.

Everything You Should Know About Hobbitenango, Guatemala

Hobbitenango eco-park is not only a magical place that Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fans will absolutely love, but it’s also a one-of-a-kind destination for a fun and relaxing day trip where you can enjoy some unique viewpoints and photo spots, numerous activities, live music, and restaurants – all hobbit inspired! If you’re coming from Guatemala City, it will take about an hour driving with the local taxi (or uber), or 1.5ish hours with the chicken bus to get there.

The park is also full of interesting things to see and references to the Lord of the Rings movies and books. You’ll find little hobbit-style houses, a few hiking trails, and beautiful eco-friendly sculptures and artwork. 

Every corner is beautifully decorated and makes you feel like you’re inside a fantasy movie. What is more, the park is located in the mountains with an elevation of 7,800 feet above sea level, which creates spectacular views everywhere you look and a very cozy atmosphere if you’re searching for the perfect place to disconnect and relax.

Excited already? Keep reading to find out how to plan your trip to Hobbitango, Guatemala.

A Day Trip To Hobbitenango From Antigua

hobbitenango hand with volcano and mountains lord of the rings theme park

So, you’re planning a trip to Antigua, Guatemala and you’re looking for exciting things to do? Then this Lord of The Rings theme park must be on your bucket list!

Don’t know where to begin? My ultimate Antigua, Guatemala guide for first-time travelers is the solution!

Getting to Hobbitenango From Antigua

The park is approximately 5 miles away from Antigua in Vuelta Grande, which is only a 20-25 minute drive.

If you don’t have a car in Antigua, there are still other safe ways to get there:

  • Taxi or Uber – this is the easiest option if you want to get picked up and taken directly to the park for Q30-60. On the way back, you can find many local taxis parked at the bottom of the hill and they can take you back to Antigua for Q60-70.
  • Shuttle – you can take a shuttle from the Hobbitenango Office in Antigua, located at 1a Avenida Nte 36, Antigua Guatemala. The shuttle is Q85 per person.

Note: Taxis and shuttles can only take you to the car parking lot at the bottom of the hill since what follows is a steep, rocky road that leads to the actual park. So you’ll have to take a 4×4 truck ride for about Q15 per person.

Take an ATV Tour

My personal preference for visiting Hobbitenango from Antigua is taking an ATV Mountain Adventure Tour. This is a fantastic and easy way to spend the day exploring many regions of Antigua, including the Lord of the Rings theme park. You get picked up from your hotel and then safely dropped off after the tour. 

In my experience, the guides and manager were incredibly nice and attentive. They made sure to give us the most amazing and adventurous day. You also get to spend a few hours in Hobbitenango, which is enough time to see everything without getting tired of it. So, if you’re staying in Antigua Guatemala, and want to see as many things as possible, I thoroughly recommend this tour.

decorative flowers hobbitenango antigua guatemalaHow Much Does It Cost To Visit Hobbitenango?

The entrance fee to Hobbitenango is Q50 per adult and Q30 for children aged 4 to 10 (no cost for kids under 4).

Admission tickets are purchased at the bottom of the hill before Hobbitenango. The cost of the  ticket (Q50)  includes:

  • Shuttle in a 4×4 truck from the drop-off area to the park
  • Access to all hiking trails and green areas inside
  • Unlimited access to all games and activities
  • One drink (soft drink or beer)

The only extra cost you’ll have inside is for food and drinks.

Opening Times

The opening times of the park are:

  • Monday to Friday – 8 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday – 8 am to 8 pm

Best Time To Visit Hobbitenango

The property usually gets busier during weekends, so there might be longer waits for activities and photo spots. So you should consider going on weekdays to have a better experience – we want to feel like we’re lost in a fantasy world rather than just another tourist spot, right?

Another thing to consider is weather conditions. Check the forecast in advance to avoid going on a cloudy or rainy day. Generally, you can enjoy the clearest skies early in the morning for a better view of the volcanoes.

Tip: weather conditions can change quite quickly in the mountains, so take a coat with you just in case.

Check out other travel necessities I consider a MUST on any trip.

Can You Stay In Hobbitenango?

Something unique about this Lord of The Rings theme park is that people can stay for the night in one of the three Hobbit holes from the park’s hotel. These eco-friendly hobbit-style casitas decorated in an adorable hobbit style are perfect if you want to have a short but relaxing stay in the mountains – also, they’re pet friendly!

Hobbit Houses (Hotel)

There are currently three lovely, casitas (little houses) where guests can have a unique stay in the theme park’s small eco-village:

  • Casita del Sueño
  • Casita del Nido
  • Casa Esmeralda

You can book any of the houses here for a unique experience.

Other Hotels Near Hobbitenango

If all the hobbit-style houses are already booked, there are other wonderful alternatives in case you want to stay somewhere peaceful or more budget-friendly to disconnect from the busy areas of the town of Antigua:

Alternatively, stay in Antigua and do 1-2 day trips to this eco-theme park or take a day trip through one of the shuttles provided in downtown Antigua (cheapest option). 

mountains of panchoy valley in hobbitenango antigua guatemala

Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

There are restaurants, cafes, and bars around Hobbitenango with hobbit-themed menus and ambiance. You can sit on any of the several sitting areas and even order food from your hobbit house.

On weekends and holidays, you can get an all-you-can-eat buffet for breakfast or lunch. This is Q149-184 per adult and Q69-79 for children (the cost includes the entrance fee). 

Breakfast runs from 8 am to 12 pm and lunch from 12:30 pm to 5 pm.

Check out the menu here!

What Can You See & Do In Hobbitenango?

Despite being a small place, this Lord of The Rings theme park is growing more and more over time. There are many fun activities to partake in and your admission ticket gives you unlimited access to all of them.

stone troll hobbitenango hobbitenango handTree Swing

The Hobbitenango’s giant swing is one of the park’s main attractions and is known as the ‘largest tree swing in Central America’. It’s a very enjoyable activity that gives you the chance to fly in the air overlooking the valley and volcanoes from a unique viewpoint.

Tip: It can get quite busy during the day, so consider going early for shorter queues.

Archery & Axe Throwing

Test your aim by throwing arrows, axes, or machetes. Each person gets three tries per turn, but you can then rejoin the waiting line for another go as many times as you want.

There’s always a staff member present to guide you and make sure you’re safe.

Artisanal Market

There is an Artisanal Market in Hobbitenango with vendors selling Mayan hand-made crafts, gifts, natural products, and local artisanal food. So bring some cash in case you want to purchase some souvenirs.

Play Carnival Games

Located among the stalls of the Artisanal Market, there are different stands where you can play carnival games and pretend you’re in a medieval fair. Don’t let the simplicity of the games fool you, they’re actually hard to master!

There’s also a good selection of board games in the bar. This is another fun thing you can do while enjoying your beer and snacks on the deck.

Play Mini Golf

The small 6-hole mini-golf course in Hobbitenango combined with the views makes it a very peaceful activity if you’re staying for a longer time. You can ask for golf clubs and balls at the reception.

Other Things To See In Hobbitenango

hobbitenango hand lord of the wings theme park in antigua guatemala

Although every single corner in this Hobbit theme park is an excellent place for photos, there are a few extra spots and special amenities that have made Hobbitenango an iconic place.

Hobbitenango Hand

The Lord of The Rings theme park would not be complete without this iconic viewpoint. The troll hand is a giant hand made of stone overlooking the valley with the volcano views in the background and one of the coolest spots for your photos. There’s also a staff member if you need someone to take photos of you or your whole group.

Since this is the most popular spot in Hobbitenango, Guatemala the waiting line can be long, especially in the afternoon. When this happens, each person has 1-2 minutes to take pictures. So consider going early in the morning and do this when you first arrive at the park. That way there will be fewer people and you can take your time with photos.

Other Instagram-worthy spots throughout Hobbitenango include angel wings, wooden benches, and swings for amazing views.

The Nest

The Nest is a lovely, outdoor seating spot you can rent if you want to have more privacy while having your meal. They’ll even decorate it for you so it’s the perfect place for a romantic date or an event with your friends. 

You can book a reservation on the Hobbitenango website for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (for a minimum of 2 people, up to a maximum of 12). Bookings are $50 per person, of which $25 are consumable from the menu.

Live Music

On weekends, you can enjoy live music events that take place on the outdoor stage of Hobbitenango.


Another way to spend a night inside the park is by camping. Five camping spots are available, with tents for two people and larger tents that are a bit more expensive. There’s also a small bonfire to keep you warm during the night since it can get really cold.

decorative flowers hobbitenango antigua guatemala

Hobbitenango — Is It Worth It?

So, in case you’re still wondering whether Hobbitenango Guatemala is worth visiting, I think it absolutely is!

This Lord of The Rings theme park was created by Guatemalan friends with a love for the fantasy franchise, and you can see this in every detail of the property. 

Although there’s still lots of room for improvement, like adding more attractions and making the overall feeling of the park more immersive, it is the closest thing to the original shire. Not to mention that there’s a lot of effort put into growing the park with sustainable practices, and into educating the staff to bring the best service and experience to its visitors.

Hobbitenango was very small when it opened its doors in 2015, but today it is one of the best things to do in Antigua, Guatemala. A true hobbit paradise with fun activities, lush nature, and some of the most incredible views you’ll ever see.

And if you’re really into fantasy and supernatural stuff, here’s my experience in one of the most haunted places in Savannah, GA.

Should I Go If I Don’t Like ‘The Lord Of The Rings’?

I’m sure you’ll love Hobbitenango whether or not you’re a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit fan! The truth is that the theme is very subtle, so you’ll barely notice it’s a themed park if you’re not familiar with the movies. However, this won’t stop you from enjoying everything that this amazing park has to offer.

And for the HUGE fans out there, keep in mind that this is a hobbit-inspired park and not the real thing. So try to be appreciative of all the hard work and love behind it.

Last Thoughts On Hobbitenango

That said, I hope you enjoyed this Hobbitenango guide and that you consider making it part of your trip to Antigua, Guatemala. One of the most wonderful things about traveling is that you get the chance to try new things and make unforgettable memories out of it.

Now it’s your turn to become a hobbit for one day. Have fun!



P.S. Looking for more fun things to do in Antigua, Guatemala? My ultimate travel guide has everything you need to know to plan your trip!

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