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Why Every Coach Needs A Blog

reasons why every coach needs a blog to build credibility

Many coaches who are either new or established in their business either have or are now considering blogging to integrate into their business. It’s no secret that blog posts are an excellent way to build your SEO and rank better in Google, especially as a new business.

Rank Your Website Higher and Build Credibility

Blogs also help coaches establish themselves as experts and develop trust from their audience. If we’re honest, we tend to always look up service providers on social media before considering partnering. Blog writing provides insight into their expertise and builds trust with audiences by providing them with knowledge about a particular topic.

In a world where anyone can call themselves an expert, especially online, it’s more important than ever to establish yourself and your brand as an industry leader.

Blog Helps With SEO and Google

It’s no secret that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the primary reason why websites rank either higher or lower on Google. Therefore, for any website to rank better on Google, it needs content that provides value while using the right keywords. Blogs and blog articles are an excellent tool for achieving this goal as they utilize those specific words throughout the article multiple times.

Have you noticed how often I’ve used the word blog already?

When you write your blog post with the right SEO keywords in mind, the end result is that the article can reach more of your target audience, and therefore, more people can read it. The more people read your articles, the more they find out about what you have to offer – anything from expert knowledge or the packages suiting their needs.

Even better, depending on how you write your articles, you can even encourage critical thinking and make them realize that they need your services, which may not have been the case prior.

However, many coaches struggle with coming up with good blog topics, which in the end, comes down to your target audience.

The best way to find out what your audience searches for is through research and market analysis.

Boost website traffic with a blog

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What problems does your ideal client have?
  • What could solve their problems?
  • How can your services help them?

Depending on your answers, which you should find in your business model, you can brainstorm ideas on things your audience searches for.

Alternatively, websites such as answersocrates.com can provide insight into what people google (one of my favorite tools to search for topic ideas!)

Your keyword research will help ensure these words show up throughout each article, which can guide you while composing new posts.

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Establish Your Expertise

It’s the year 2021, and we can google and find answers to any topic we want; however, the answers may not always be correct (Wikipedia is greeting!).

Writing blog articles that correspond to your customer’s interests and needs can build trust in you as a coach. The more they read about this advice, your knowledge and your expertise establishes you as an expert, which builds credibility and reputation with audiences.

Another way your articles can establish credibility is to insert paragraphs talking about your own experience – you might think this could make it seem like you’re a mentor instead of a coach; however, with that, you’re demonstrating your knowledge.

Improving your website with blogs and SEO is one thing, but what about social media? Have you thought about hiring a social media manager? I’ll give you 3 reasons!

Remember, people value both expertise and experience – which is why you need a blog


Think about it from a marketing perspective. If you provide this much value and high-quality content for free, how much more do you have to offer once you’re contracted?

Most people believe that the primary way to stand out and increase curiosity is limited content-delivery solutions. However, nothing could be further from the truth. If they don’t find answers with you, they will leave for someone else more suited.

By providing the right value and by writing articles in a specific way, you’re giving them just enough to satisfy their cravings for matter without answering every question they have – that is, your services are there for.

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This will cause more people to visit your website. Even if they don’t buy up-front, the longer they keep coming back, the higher chance they’ll eventually contract with you.

Having a blog is great for building your credibility and reputation; it provides readers with an opportunity to explore the depths of your knowledge through reading. It’s the first impression of you that will stick with them, and depending on the topics you choose, they will keep coming back to your website for more.

Blogging also gives you more opportunities because people will reach out to you if they are interested in what you have written about on social media or their blogs.

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