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Top 3 Most Haunted Places in Savannah, GA . . Enter if you Dare

Haunted Places in Savannah GA

One of the most beautiful cities in America is also one of the most haunted. There are so many haunted places in Savannah, GA that it honestly feels like anywhere you go there is some supernatural history or occurrence that happened there – and you can definitely feel it. 

The beauty of Savannah paired with the mystical eeriness surrounding every corner makes it the perfect destination this Halloween season. And lucky for you I have the 3 most haunted places in Savannah, GA that you have to visit this Halloween season.

Why is Savannah, GA so haunted?

As one of the most haunted cities in America, you have to wonder why? What makes this city so special? Well, for starters since Savannah was the first city of Georgia- The 13th colony it has an old and long history. 

Many bloody battles, diseases, and mysterious murders ran amok throughout the city’s ancient past. Many devastating fires also killed and destroyed large portions of Savannah. 

Oh, and of course, we cannot forget Savannah’s horrible history concerning slavery

All the tragic and devastating deaths of souls gone too soon, make this the perfect spot for spirits and ghouls to congregate. Time for the fun part. Let’s explore some of the most haunted places to visit in Savannah, GA.

Marshall House – 123 E Broughton St suite a, Savannah, GA 31401

First up on the list is the Marshall House Hotel. In operation since 1851, it is truly a historic and iconic spot in Savannah, as for a brief time, the hotel was used as a makeshift hospital during the yellow fever outbreak of 1854 and 1876

Seems like death was always in the cards for this hotel.

Marshall House

Change in Ownership

Mary Marshal originally owned the hotel, however, when she died Minnie Geiger took over and then eventually Herbert W. Gilbert. Each of these owners during their time at the hotel changed the name to reflect the hotel’s new management. Therefore for a time, the hotel was known as The Geiger Hotel and then The Gilbert Hotel, before it was ultimately changed to refrelct the original owner’s name. 

Marshall Hotel’s Temporary Shutdown and Restoration

In the 1950s the Marshall Hotel was shut down due to not complying with the city’s fire codes. Fortunately though, during this time only the top levels were abandoned and the bottom floor was rented out to shopkeepers. 

Fun Fact: Mary Marshall also founded the Marshall Hose Company, Savanna’s first fire department. She wanted to combat the raging fires the city was experiencing – Ironic, isn’t it?

After nearly 40 years of abandonment and being lost to the limbo of time, the Marshall Hotel was restored in the 1990s. With its original name in tack, the Marshall Hotel reopened. 

Interesting Artifacts Found During Renovation

Here is where the story gets juicy: During construction, many strange artifacts were found. It is rumored that one of these artifacts was the reason for a halt to construction due to its possible connection to a crime scene. As it turns out human bones were discovered hidden beneath the floorboards. Yup, you heard that right, bones i.e. human remains were found-allegedly!

Now it is stated that the bones were from the Civil War era when the hotel was used as a hospital. The bones were most likely the remains or amputated limbs of soldiers during that time. Once again this is an ongoing rumor, but it would explain a lot.

Fun fact: The city is literally built on bones – with so much tragedy, no matter where in the historic district you dig, you will likely find bones.

Haunted Places in Savannah

Strange Noises, Sights, and Smells

It has been rumored by guests that while staying at this famous hotel there have been sightings of ghostly behavior. Ranging from flickering lights, strange smells coming from specific rooms – 214, 314, and 414 and even the sounds of laughter from children playing marbles. 

Some people have even reported actually seeing civil war soldiers! Now, these are all rumors, but it seems like too many mysterious encounters have happened for this to be a coincidence. Although, if you believe in the supernatural, you could even see some yourself . .

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The Pirates House – 20 E Broad St, Savannah, GA 31401

Haunted Places in SavannahNext on the list is The Pirate House. The Pirate house is located on the east side of Savannah’s historic district. This is said to be one of the most haunted places in Savannah, GA with over 250 years of history.  

Fun Fact: The Pirate House is attached to a smaller building called The Herb House which was built in 1754 and is considered the oldest building in Georgia. 

The Pirate House’s History

Haunted Places in SavannahThe Pirate House has such a long history, but in its early days, it was a gathering place for pirates, seamen, criminals, and other objectionably questionable people of society. Any distasteful behavior you can imagine happened here, whether it was fights, brawls, or plain murder. Many steered clear of this location due to its rough reputation.

Though, if you got too drunk, you may just wake up on a pirate ship with a new career.

The Pirate House made Savannah a popular Seatown: It was a place where the rejects of society would get a hard drink and enjoy life on land for a bit before returning out to sea – Some enjoyed their time a little too much that they never left.

Fun Fact: The Pirate House was such a popular destination for seamen that it was mentioned in the popular book Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Are you enjoying learning about Savannah’s history and want more, but don’t know where to start? Well, I’ve gotchu! Explore my top reason to visit Savanna’s Prohibition Museum here. 

Strange Happening In The Pirate House

It has been reported by visitors of The Pirate House that they have seen strange apparitions. Some even go as far as to say that they have seen merry jolly sailor men. And that’s not all, others report feeling a strange sensation like they are being watched – Of course, no one is there.

Haunted Places in SavannahOn a quiet evening, footsteps can be heard in The pirate House echoing throughout, though no one can ever quite locate the source of the sound. Some will say that all this is a figment of the imagination – and hey they may be right, except a few folks have actually been able to capture photographic evidence.

Patrons or passersby of The Pirate House have on occasion captured photos of strange apparitions in the windows and mirrors. Sure you might say it’s a trick of the light or some weird camera motion. But if it happens enough times, then there just might be some truth to these tall tales.

Fun fact: Under The Pirate House is a tunnel leading to the coast, which is where pirates would often drag drunks out to their ships to give them a new career. Unfortunately, it’s not accessible to the public. Though you can get a glimpse of it as there’s a glass floor laid on top of it in the middle of The Pirate House.

Overall, don’t be surprised if you hear unexplained footsteps or see ghostly sailor figures from the corner of your eye next time you visit The Pirate House. Who knows you may even get to sing a sea shanty with the jolly pirates before they disappear. 

Want to explore more of Savannah, then definitely check out a ghost tour or even a Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Trolley Tour of Savannah like this one. You won’t regret it. 

Moon River Brewing Co – 21 W Bay St, Savannah, GA 31401

Lastly, but definitely not least on our list of haunted places in Savannah, GA is Moon River Brewing Co. Just like The Pirate House, the location is housed in one of the oldest and most historic parts of Savannah. It was also originally named City Hotel.Haunted Places in Savannah

City Hotel History

Originally built in 1821 by Elazer Early, it was Savannah’s first hotel and branch of the U.S Post Office. Not only was there both a hotel and post office at this location but there was also a branch of the U.S. Bank and a bar – talk about convenience! 

Eventually, in 1851, Peter Wiltberger became the new owner. During his time as owner, he renovated the hotel and brought in live lions to draw in more guests. Unfortunately after 14 short years, the hotel saw its last guest and shut down in1864.

It wasn’t until the 1900s that the building was used again. First as a lumber and coal warehouse, then as an office supply store in the 1960s. Lastly and most currently, as a brew pub. It was renovated in 1995 and opened as the Moon Brewing Co in 1999.

Why is it one of America’s most haunted places?

Now, I know what you are thinking: The Moon River Brewing Co seems so normal – Is it really haunted? Well, as we already know the city of Savannah suffered at the hands of disease, violence, and mysterious murders. 

The Moon River Brewing Co wasn’t spared from these tragic events. 

Murder at the Moon River Brewing Co

In 1832, there was an altercation between Dr. Phillip Minus and James Stark that ended in murder. Not as surprising, as the two were known to have an ongoing feud and During a heated and drunk argument, Dr. Minus believed he saw James Stark reach for a gun, therefore decided to shoot him first. 

Due to Stark’s reputation as the town’s troublemaker and drunk and because Dr. Minus was Savannah’s only doctor, he was discharged from any crime. This must have made Stark furious, even in the afterlife. With his soul in eternal unrest, it is said he haunts the visitors of the Moon River Brewing Co.

The Violence Continues

Haunted Places in SavannahIn 1860 another violent act occurred. Though the Civil War had not begun, tensions were still high between the north and the south. James Sinclair, an NYC resident decided to stay at the City Hotel. The locals did not take kindly to a Yankee in their midst and decided to act on their hatred. 

At first, they only pressured Sinclair to leave town, but when he refused the locals got violent. A lynch mob lured Sinclaire out of the hotel and stripped him naked – then proceeded to beat him an inch from death. 

Fortunately, he survived, but the trauma from the experience is said to have stayed with him long into the afterlife. In death, his soul returned to the place of his greatest suffering. Destined to haunting those who visit the Moon River Brewing Co.

Yellow Fever Outbreaks

Just like The Marshall House, this location was also used as a makeshift hospital during the many yellow fever outbreaks. Many young souls, especially those of children, met their untimely death at the Moon River Brewing Co. 

The alarming amount of death is definitely enough to earn the facility some bad juju. The souls of the unrest or those who never really had a chance to live are said to still be roaming around looking for their much-needed peace. 

Need more Savannah history, then head on over and read here all about the founder of the Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low.

Evidence of Modern-Day Hauntings

Haunted Places in SavannahWhen people visit the Moon River Brewing Co, they encounter numerous strange paranormal activities. People have reported that on the basement level they have seen bottles flying off shelves or have felt an eerie cold sensation overwhelm them. Others report the sensation of someone brushing up against them or even going so far as to feel like they are being pushed. 

Fun Fact: This occurrence happens so often that this ghostly figure was given the name “Toby” by the employees.

The first floor is also victim to these occurrences but on a less frequent basis. Many believe hauntings occur less on this floor because it is often the busiest with people. Don’t be fooled though, you never know what can happen.

The third floor is where those with yellow fever were placed and died. On this floor, there are many reports of seeing a phantom of a woman dressed all in white. Others state that they have heard children laughing as if running down the halls. 

The top floor housed those with yellow fever during its time as a hospital and is often described as people’s least favorite floor. Many of the strange occurrences that happened on the third floor have happened on the 4th floor. But less frequently.

In fact, the lack of paranormal activity leaves people feeling an eerie lonely emptiness.  To the point that some even welcome the company of their ghostly companions instead of feeling the void of nothingness. With all the strange happenings it is easy to see why the Moon River Brewing Co is considered one of the most haunted places in Savannah, GA.

P.S. Too many haunted places to keep track of? Well, you are in luck. Here is a map of all the haunted places in Savannah, GA. Enjoy!

Final Thoughts . .

All these locations have their own unique charm and history, just waiting for you to explore. Whichever location you choose to visit, you are sure to have a fright-filled adventure. Just be prepared to experience the unexplained and the unearthly. 




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