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What Is The Weather For Athens, Greece By Month Like

Athens Greece Weather

If you’re planning a trip to one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations – Athens, Greece – you’re probably wondering what the weather for Athens by month is like. In addition to finding out the temperature by month, you’ll also need to know what to wear and pay attention to. 

Weather-wise, Athens has it all, hell-like sun, buckets of rain, hail, and even snow, so when is the best time to go visit? 

Check out my summary of what Greece’s weather by month is like and what you’ll need to pay attention to. 

What’s The Weather Like In Athens, Greece And When Is The Best Time To Visit Greece?

Athens Greece weather

Starting With What The Spring Weather In Athens, Greece Is Like

We often relate spring with flowers, blossoms, and new life; however, Athens has other plans. With mild temperatures from March to May and the air remaining mostly cool and dry, it may not be beach or pool weather, but it’s a great time to explore Athens without feeling like you’ll melt from the sun.

I visited Athens, Greece in January and had the best time. It was warm enough to not need a jacket but too cold for a short dress (more on that later). Keep my Athens Must-Do article in mind if you’re looking for hidden gems in Athens.

Here’s the breakdown of each month, with its average temperatures and what to expect:

March – Let The Spring Weather Come

Athens Greece weatherWinter and spring are my favorite seasons to visit touristy destinations, it’s less crowded, the air is cool and dry, and there’s a higher chance of rain (precipitation up to 2.5 inches on some days).

You can expect temperatures of around 48-62 ? (9-16 ?) and around eight days of rain. While that may seem like a lot of rainy days, there is still an average of 185 hours of sunshine in that month.

Must-Haves For The March Weather In Athens

An umbrella that will be sturdy enough to keep you dry, yet gorgeous enough for those Instagram pictures. Check this one out, that’s been one of my favorites to carry with me – I’m obsessed with the orchid one. 

Alternatively, stand out with this beautiful see-through bubble dome umbrella with the color and flower of your choice – I love the cherry flower one! 

Next, if you want to wear a dress or just want to be covered all the way but still look fashionable, consider this see through waterproof raincoat – with pockets!

April – The Middle Of Spring Weather

In April, you can expect a few more days of rain before it begins to dry up, but you will most likely encounter fewer people. Athens is lovely, but it can get very crowded – imagine trying to photograph the Acropolis in the summer.. NOT.

April temperatures will range from 53 to 68 ? (12-20 ?) and while it begins to warm up, the rain begins to lessen. As the weather starts to dry up, it’s the perfect time to hit the beach or pool, minus a few outlier days that may not be the best for swimming. 

Must-Haves For The April Weather In Athens

Consider an umbrella to protect you from both the sun and the rain because you will still have about 6 days of rain during the month while also having 230 hours of sunshine. But seriously, protect yourself from the sun with an umbrella like this one.

May – As The Spring Weather Is Ending The Summer Weather In Athens Is Starting To Begin

May is one of my favorite months to travel because most places in Europe have warmed up but aren’t yet too hot to explore. Athens, Greece is one of those places with great weather during the spring, fall, or winter. You’ll want to visit during those seasons so you don’t get stuck trying to stay cool while spending all day in the sun.

Temperatures are expected to range between 61 and 77 ? (16-25 ?), with a decrease in rainy days (on average only 4 days of rain that month! ), compared to 290 hours of pure sunshine and the sea temperature warming up to 65 ? (18.5 ?) – not quite warm enough to go swimming!

Must-Haves For May Weather In Athens 

As rainy days become less common, the sun will be shining more and more, which can be oppressive if you’re out all day. Make sure to protect your skin with Aveeno’s travel size quality sun cream.

Also, keep that umbrella in mind for long periods of direct sun exposureprotect yourself from the sun with an umbrella like this one.

Lastly on the must-have list is this elegant 4 piece satin robe that will make you feel like a goddess.

Athens Greece weather

Next Up, The Summer Weather For Athens, Greece

Can you believe that Athens is the hottest European capital during the summer? According to Climate to Travel, it gets up to 95-97 °F (35-36 °C) — which is pretty darn hot for Europe, but certainly not comparable to the hot summers of South Florida. Wanna know the best part of traveling to Athens, Greece in the summer? On average, there’s only one day of rain each month, which means there’s more time to explore the great outdoors.

Here’s a breakdown of each month and their average temperatures:

June – Let Summer Ring In Athens

Whether school is out for the long break or you’re just ready to escape the wedding season, who doesn’t love traveling at the beginning of summer? 

The average temperature in Athens during the month of June ranges from 69 to 87 ? (21-30?) with a mere one day of rain during the whole month. With 335 hours of sunshine and ocean temperatures of 71? (22?), June is the optimal month for water adventures. 

Must-Haves For The June Weather In Athens

This swimsuit is just too perfect for the summer months in Athens – the yellow one screams Greece!

While you’re enjoying time in the water, don’t forget to use your sunscreen so you don’t ruin your trip with a sunburn. I am loving this sunscreen from Aveeno. 

July – Beautiful Weather And Busy Streets

Going to Athens, Greece in July is one of the most beautiful times to visit, but for this reason, it is also the busiest time to visit. 

With temperatures from 74 to 92 °F (23-33?) and approximately one day of rain, it’s understandable why July is the busiest month. July in Athens has 365 hours of sunshine and 75°F (24°C) ocean temperatures – who wouldn’t want to spend their summer vacation visiting?

Must-Haves For The July Weather In Athens

If you plan to do some sightseeing, check out these hiking shoes that don’t look like hiking shoes but will ensure your feet don’t hurt at the end of the day. 

August – Back To The Islands

Blue skies, warm water, and locals leaving for their vacation to the islands make August the perfect month to visit Athens. 

With similar temperatures to July, 75 to 92°F (23-33?) and the same amount of rain, visiting in August is a no-brainer since there will be shorter waits in line and empty streets for great sightseeing. August has similar sunshine (340 hours) and ocean temperatures (77?/25?) as July, but the water will be less crowded this month. 

Must-Haves For The August Weather In Athens

Since August is the perfect month to go swimming in Athens, consider getting this float to relax in that will also hold your drinks, making it ideal for the perfect summer day. 

Getting Ready For Fall Weather In Athens, Greece

Athens Greece weatherAthens in the fall gives you the best of both worlds, the water is still warm but the crowds have started to diminish. 

Let’s take a look at the breakdown for each month:

September – Cooler Days Ahead

Temperatures are starting to cool down from the summer, ranging from 68-84? (20-28?) and an average of 3 days of rain. This is the best time to see the town by foot, and in mid-September, the annual pistachio festival, Fistiki Fest, is a must-see.

Check out my article for more information on the Fiktiki Fest. 

As summer has come to an end, the hours of sunshine are slowly decreasing (275), but not to worry, there’s still plenty of sunshine to make a trip to Athens in September worthwhile. 

Must-Haves For The September Weather In Athens

If you plan to go to the Festiki Fest, you’ll want to have a bag with you to carry all the pistachios you buy. This one is super cute and waterproof in case it decides to rain while you are there. 

October – Halfway Through Fall

As tourist shops get ready to close for the year, October is still a great month to visit Athens. The temperature is getting cooler, 61-75? (16-24?), and the rainy days are increasing, up to 5 days this month. October is the perfect month to go stargazing and enjoy the festivals around town before it gets too cold. Ocean temperatures in October average 72°F (22.2°C), marking the end of the warm water as winter approaches. 

Must-Haves For The October Weather In Athens

This maxi dress is perfect for October whether the temperatures are 61°F or 75°F, this dress is so versatile. 

November – A Mixed Bag Of Weather

As fall comes to an end and winter starts to make its way, visiting Athens in November can still be enjoyable. The weather in November can be unpredictable, it may be cold and rainy or it may be hot and sunny – it truly is a mix of all sorts. 

The temperature averages from 53 to 66? (12-19?) with 8 days of rain, the sunshine has dropped to a mere 155 hours and the ocean is officially too cold for enjoyment (67?/20?). 

Must-Haves For The November Weather In Athens

Since November’s weather is so finicky, layers are going to be your best friend. This adorable cable knit cardigan makes for a quick throw-on in case the weather starts to drop. 

Winter Weather In Athens, Greece Is Coming

The final season of the temperatures in Athens, Greece by month, is winter and is by far the coldest of them all. You’ll want to make sure if you plan on visiting Athens in the winter that you pack good walking shoes and a lightweight jacket. 

Here’s a breakdown of the weather by month in winter:

Athens Greece weather

December – The Beginning Of Winter

With temperatures getting into the forties (47-58?/8-15?), December kickstarts Athens’s winter season. December is the rainiest month of the year, so make sure you have some indoor activities as a backup in case the weather in Athens, Greece decides to rain on your parade. 

Must-Haves For The December Weather In Athens

Being the rainiest month of the year, if you plan to visit Athens in December, grab this gorgeous umbrella to stay as dry as you can – a perfect prop for a photoshoot too!

With the cold coming in strong, grab these scarves to help keep you warm. A bonus? The colors will go with anything you plan on wearing. 

January – The Coldest Month

January in Athens, Greece is, on average, the coldest month (44-56?/7-13?), but that doesn’t mean you can’t still visit. 

There are approximately 9 days of rain this month and 130 hours of sunshine. You might even be one of the lucky ones who gets to see the Acropolis covered in snow – a rare and beautiful sight. 

January has it all, rain, shine, and even some snow. 

Must-Haves For The January Weather In Athens

This jacket is perfect for the winter months in Athens, Greece, and comes in so many cute colors!

You’ll want to keep your feet warm too while you’re out exploring all the beauty Athens has to offer. Grab these shoes before your trip to make sure you are warm and stylish. 

February – Preparing for Spring

Similar to January temperatures(44-57?/7-14?), February has about the same amount of rain and sunshine, 7 days of rain, and 135 hours of sunshine. 

February is an interesting time to visit Athens, Greece because the beginning of the month is cool and definitely still winter-ish, but as the end of the month nears, the weather starts to prepare for spring. 

Must-Haves For The February Weather In Athens

This lightweight and water resistant jacket is perfect for February because the weather during this time is still trying to decide if it wants to be warm or cool. 

Still not sure what to pack? Then you need my ultimate list of tavel necessities to make sure your trip goes as smooth as possible. 

What To Expect In Athens

Athens Greece weatherWhile you may expect to stay in a hotel while on vacation, Athens, Greece is the exception. You will want to stay in an Airbnb for a few reasons. You’ll save money by cooking in the kitchen – you’ll get to cook real Greek food, and you’ll get a more authentic vacation out of it

Tip: Since we know the temperatures by month in Athens, Greece, make sure your Airbnb is well-equipped for the month you are visiting. 

How To Get Around Athens

After reading the temperatures by month of Athens, Greece and you’ve decided which month you’re going to visit, you may want to start booking a rental car ASAP but what if I told you there are better ways to get around? 

You may be used to following the same steps for every vacation; book flights, book a hotel, book a rental car, repeat, but Athens, Greece is different. As I mentioned before, you’ll want to stay in an Airbnb rather than a hotel, and instead of getting a rental car, there are other (cheaper) ways to see everything in Athens, Greece. The best options are going to be the metro, buses/trolleys, the tram, and the suburban railway.

Getting To Athens

If you are flying into Athens, then you may end up taking the suburban railway from the airport into the city. If you’re wanting to get out of Athens for a day or even for dinner, the suburban railway is your best bet. It connects to tourist destinations in other areas of Greece as well as to archaeological sites you might want to visit. 

The Metro In Athens

Unlike the metro in New York City, the metro in Athens, Greece is a quick and easy way to get around because there are only 3 lines to choose from and they hit the major sightseeing attractions you may want to visit. The Green Line, or Line 1, connects the port of Piraeus to the suburbs of Kifissia and is much older than the other two metros. The Red Line, or Line 2, connects Anthoupoli to the suburbs of Elliniko by the Sardonic Gulf. And the final line, the Blue Line, or Line 3, connects Agia Marina to the airport. Only having three options for the metro makes it easier to navigate than other metro systems that have more lines – so don’t get scared to utilize it. 

Take Advantage Of Public Transport In Athens

Athens has tons of buses and electric trolleys that people rely on to get around town, and you can too. Locating the bus stops was difficult as some are hidden on side streets, and getting the timing right was also difficult. The electric trolleys are a little easier to find; just look for the yellow signs and you’ll be on your way. The buses and electric trolleys are also ideal when you want to leave a residential area or visit the Athens Riviera. 

The tram is a comfortable and affordable way of traveling that connects Syntagma Square to the beaches on the coast. If you plan to visit the Riviera, the tram is the way to go. The tram allows for unlimited one-way travel, so on your way to the beach, you can stop at a local market and pick up some fresh food and produce to enjoy on the beach. 

Now that you know how to get around Athens, Greece (without needing to spend a fortune on a rental car), it’s time to decide what you want to do and see while you’re visiting. 

Sightseeing In Athens 

Athens Greece weather

The beauty of Athens, Greece is that no matter what month you visit, the temperatures by month make it a great place to visit any time of the year. 

Here are some must-dos:

Of course, on the list of things to see in Athens, Greece is the Acropolis, the most famous collection of temples. Booking a tour guide is not necessary when visiting the Acropolis because there are a good amount of information plaques along the way. If you want a more in-depth tour with specific questions answered, you may find it helpful to request an audio tour when you get there. Since there is a lot of walking and climbing involved with visiting the Acropolis, make sure you wear good hiking shoes because the ground can get slippery. The views from the Acropolis are astounding and well worth the climb. 

Athenian Agora – A MUST

Athens Greece weather

Want a closer look at a temple? If so, the Athenian Agora is a must-see for you. It is one of the most visited places in Greece and for good reason. Make sure you allow yourself a few hours if you plan to visit. It housed over 40 shops that sold everything from clothing to produce and important Greek Philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle would stop by to shop. They sometimes have tours of the inside, but if they aren’t doing them when you visit, just seeing the outside is worth the trip. 

Athens Greece weather

Checking Out Old Town

You’ll want to walk around Old Town Downtown while you’re visiting Athens, Greece and see all that it has to offer. From small, intimate restaurants to little boutiques – you’ll feel the genuine Greek culture here. 

Hidden Gems In Athens, Greece

Some of my favorite things to do in Athens are hidden gems that I went out of my way to find to make my trip more authentic. 

Agios Georgios 

The Holy Temple of Saint George – Agios Georgios is so hidden even some locals haven’t heard of it. The church was erected between 1782 and 1785 and is now home to an intimate restaurant on top of the hill. The hill that the church stands on is the tallest peak in Athens. 

Socrates Prison

The Socrates Prison is another hidden gem that I found interesting while visiting Athens. Where Socrates was imprisoned before his trial in 399 BC, you can follow a trail to a maze of rooms that were carved out of bedrock. 

Poseidon’s Temple

My last hidden gem is Poseidon’s Temple, which is the only temple you are allowed to touch and walk into. The temple was even used for festivals but was abandoned once the Greek mythological faith faded. 

Don’t forget to read my article where I go more in depth on how to travel in in Athens, Grece to ave you time and money. You won’t regret it!

Athens Greece weather

Some Last Thoughts . .

Athens is a wonderful city with a lot to offer tourists. Now that you know the weather for Athens, Greece is by month, you can start deciding which month works best for your trip. You will also be able to plan what to bring, and how to get around. I hope you enjoy your trip! 




P.S. With all the traveling fun, its easy to forget about self care. Here are my best tips on self care while traveling for a stress free trip. Defintiely a must-read!

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